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these are the youtube poops involving the CD-I

the only good thing that came out of this peice of shit , there are to many to list so dont tryEdit

"Let's have it started!"  --OkamiAmmy (lol I is gewd at englizh)

YoutubePoop...(Where there's smoke, they pinch back...)Edit

WOOT! I TEH FIGURED HOWZ TO POST LINKS!! ... I'm such and idiot =\

Btw I'm going to be working on this for a while off and on, i may never get "all" of the Youtube poops; and some won't even have CD-i related content (Mainly because fallowing rules just isn't my style) But i'll add as many of the "good" or "decent" videos as I can in the coming weeks, --OkamiAmmy 23:27, September 16, 2010 (UTC)

The King's Epic Adventure Part 1

The King's Epic Adventure Part 2 -- Dieman's stage

The King's Epic Adventure Part 2 -- Dieman Boss battle

The King's Epic Adventure Part 3 -- 1

The King's Epic Adventure Part 3 - 2

The King's Epic Adventure Part 3 - 3

The King Gets a Car

The King Gets a Wii

The King and His computer

The complete God Luigi Saga (lol for once a non king related episode)

Resident Evil 4 Deepercutt Edition

Revenge Of the Mad Madman

More comming soon...

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