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Philips Interactive Media created the CD-i. Their headquarters are currently in the Netherlands.


Past and present CEOs:

  • 1891–1922: Gerard Philips
  • 1922–1939: Anton Philips
  • 1939–1961: Frans Otten
  • 1961–1971: Frits Philips
  • 1971–1977: Henk van Riemsdijk
  • 1977–1981: Nico Rodenburg
  • 1982–1986: Wisse Dekker
  • 1986–1990: Cornelis Van der Klugt
  • 1990–1996: Jan Timmer
  • 1996–2001: Cor Boonstra
  • 2001 to date: Gerard Kleisterlee

Major consumer electronics productsEdit

  • 1963 - introduced the Compact cassette.
  • 1978 - introduced the laserdisc player, using technology invented in the 1960s.
  • 1979 - introduced the Video 2000-system: a technically superior design, but a commercial failure.
  • 1982 - launched the Compact Disc in partnership with Sony.
  • 1991 - introduced the CD-i, the Compact Disc Interactive system which had many video-game console-type features,[11] but was not a sales success .
  • 1992 - launched the ill-fated Digital Compact Cassette format.
  • 1995 - manufactured the Atari Jaguar's CD add-on for Atari.
  • 1999 - launched the Super Audio CD in partnership with Sony.
  • 2001 - successfully launched the Senseo coffeemaker, first in the Netherlands and from *2002 - onwards, in other countries across Europe. It produces coffee by brewing from custom-made pads containing coffee grounds. The original Senseo pads are produced by Douwe Egberts. The Senseo has been available in the US since 2004.
  • 2004 - Philips HomeLabs research center created the Mirror TV technology used in their MiraVision television line.
  • 2006 - introduced the Blu-ray Disc in partnership with Sony.
  • 2008 - introduce flatscreen with WOW VX technology. (3D tv)

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